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Our interest is to help create moments of comfort and ease, beauty and elegance, refinement and sophistication every day through customized bedding options.
We believe sleep is the foundation for wellness, and that a better night's rest will empower your day. the Malouf culture also extends into other lifestyle fundamentals like good food and healthy lifestyles by employing a full time chef and hiring employees that are passionate about health and fitness.

MAloufMalouf Sleep Products

Woven Bed Linens

With the look of distinction and the feel of luxury, WOVEN™ bed linens combine superior materials with innovative technologies to bring you sheets that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

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The universal fit design is sewn with deep pockets and an ultra-thick, full-length elastic that pulls the fitted sheet tight and produces a secure, smooth fit that feels like the sheets have been freshly placed on the bed each night. The deep pockets make it easy to place the fitted sheet and the durable elastic holds the sheet in place so that it won’t slip off. Malouf’s premium Woven™ sheets fit mattress depths from 6” – 22”, and standard Woven™ sheets fit mattresses from 6” – 18”.

Universal Fit


We are proud to supply 100% authentic Egyptian cotton linens. Superior to most other fibers because of its extra-long staple, Egyptian cotton is able to be woven more finely without sacrificing its strength. This creates a softer, more durable fabric that is resistant to pilling. We only make our Egyptian cotton sheets from single-ply threads, meaning we use the long-staple Mother Nature created to weave luxurious sheets. The long-staple is most predominantly found in cotton actually grown in Egypt. However, because of the extra cost and effort of obtaining Egyptian cotton, many manufacturers will twist two pieces of cotton together to mimic the long-staple. The quality simply isn’t the same, and these sheets tend to unravel quickly, which is why we only use single-ply threads for weaving. After our sheets are woven, the finished linen is then mercerized- a process used to strengthen the fibers, hold the color more effectively, and give a more lustrous appearance and softer hand.

Egyptian Cotton


Rayon from Bamboo Sheets will make slipping into bed a definite treat. The porous composition of the rayon from bamboo fibers makes the fabric more breathable and temperature regulating than other fabrics. Relax with these smooth, clean feeling sheets. The pores are ideal for sensitive skin and will keep you cool and dry
as the fabric wicks moisture away from your body. These sheets are antibacterial and resistant to odors. The universal fit design is sewn with deep pockets and an ultra-thick, full-length elastic that produces a secure, smooth fit on mattress depths from 6” – 22”. It’s easy to put on, won’t slip off, and ensures a crisp clean feel every night.

  • Rayon From Bamboo sheets are incredibly silky and soft
  • Smooth, round fibers are ideal for sensitive skin
  • Extra deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 6”–22”
  • Universal Fit® design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit
  • Available in sheet sets or pillowcase sets

The fibers in this beautiful, well draping fabric are ideal for anyone seeking an incredibly soft surface. It is also perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. Rayon from bamboo is durable against pilling, is naturally absorbent, and is inherently luxurious.

Steadman Euro Top


Expertly crafted in Portuguese mills, Woven™ flannel achieves the perfect balance between softness, warmth and durability. The brushed 100% cotton weave has a velvety-soft touch that promotes cozy sleep while the ideal 190 gram weight offers year-round comfort. The surface is slightly napped on both sides to retain warmth and give it the smooth hand known to high-end flannel. Its durable fiber structure reduces pilling or excess lint to maintain the lush finish.

  • Cozy flannel made in Portugal
  • Brushed 100% cotton flannel is velvet-soft and warm
  • Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 6”–18”
  • Universal Fit® design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit
  • Available in sheet sets or pillowcase sets
Portuguese Flannel


Very fine fibers are woven into a thin, light fabric that is remarkably strong and exceptionally smooth to create microfiber sheets. This beautifully basic bedding is wrinkle, stain, fade and shrink resistant for lasting style.
Because the fibers are very tightly woven, microfiber sheets are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. This light fabric made with a breathable weave that improves airflow to prevent overly-warm sleep temperatures. Known for its incredible softness, microfiber has a double-brushed finish that makes it softer than most cotton.

Malouf Microfiber


Don’t neglect one of the most important elements of sleep, your pillow. Rest your head on the perfect pillow and vastly improve your night.

Z Pillows


Half firm, half plush Talalay latex, the Duo-Latex™ pillow offers different levels of support for all sleeping positions.

Duo Latex


Gel infused for the comfort, support and pressure relief of memory foam at a cooler temperature.

Z Pillows gel dough Z Pillows gel dough cutaway


Filled with gel-coated microfibers, the soft, consistent filling of the Gelled Microfiber® pillow can be molded to your ideal comfort level.

z pillow gel microfiber


Calling one of our foundation products after an age-old phrase-sleep tight-wasn’t by mistake. SLEEP TITE® mattress protectors instill confidence that everything beneath your sheets is clean.MATTRESS PROTECTOR


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