Beautyrest Adjustable Bases


The SmartMotion Adjustable Base by Beautyrest is ideal for sleeping, working and relaxing and will help you wake at the optimal time to feel refreshed.

Turn your bed into more than just a bed with the SmartMotion Adjustable Base by Beautyrest.  The SmartMotion Adjustable Base is a state-of-the-art new sleep optimization system with highly accurate multistage sleep tracking. Integrated sensors on the SmartMotion Base capture precise readings of awake time, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep throughout the night, uncovering the full depth of your sleep patterns and ways to improve them. The Sleeptracker System is designed to help you improve on your overall sleep quality, awake at the optimal time to feel refreshed and adjust the bed profile to your most comfortable position. With the touch of a button, you can adjust the bed to your optimal sleeping position for pressure relief and clearer breathing. It is easy to elevate it into the ideal position for working, or to the right level for reading, watching TV, etc. The SmartMotion Adjustable Base Collection is perfect for any Simmons Mattress.

Sleep Soundly
Elevation settings let you adjust the bed so you are in your optimal sleeping position for pressure relief and better breathing. There are side sleepers and back sleepers. You get to decide what feels most comfortable and therapeutic.

Work Easily
You can quickly and quietly elevate the head of your bed into the ideal position for a little evening work on your laptop. Your back will appreciate all the different angles too.

Relax Comfortably
What used to be unthinkable is the norm now – a TV in your bedroom. It is time to raise your bed to the proper viewing level. The SmartMotion Base is ideal for reading, gaming and practically anything you find relaxing.

Key System Components include:  Individual Sleep Tracking, Integrated Sensors, Sleep Cycle Alarm, Customized Coaching and a user friendly Sleeptracker App.

Sleeptracker App Features include:

Complete Sleep Graphs – app communicates with Base sensors that monitor heart rate, respiration and motion in real time for a full picture of the profile, depth and quality of sleep.

Sleep Cycle Alarm – based on pre-specified earliest and latest wake times, the system detects when you are in a light stage of sleep and wakes you at the ideal time to feel refreshed and energized.  To make sure you sleep without interruption the app automatically turns off the music when you fall asleep and turns back on as part of the alarm.

Dynamic Coach – learns how you sleep and provides feedback to improve your sleep quality.

Advanced Sleep Analysis and Reporting – provides summaries of your monthly trends and averages, allowing you to view long-term patterns.  This information empowers you to make lifestyle changes that improve health over time.

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Malouf Sleep Products

Smartmotion Base 1.0

Key features include adjustable head and foot angles, the Sleeptracker® app, Zero G® Preset Position for raising the legs above the heart, wireless remote and more. Weight Limit: 650 pounds.

Smartmotion Base 1.0

Smartmotion Base 2.0

Key features include everything that the 1.0 Base offers including the Sleeptracker® app, along with a six-level massage system, SnoreRelief™, and two preset memory positions. Weight Limit: 850 pounds.

Smartmotion Base 1.0

Smartmotion Base 3.0

Key features include everything that the 2.0 Base offers, such as the Sleeptracker® app, massage capability, and SnoreRelief™, along with three preset memory positions, four USB charging outlets, and Next to Nightstand. Weight Limit: 850 pounds.

Smartmotion Base 1.0

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